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Get 11 Ideas For Reconnecting In Relationships

Drawn from the latest in relationship research, this free ebook can help you connect, love, and thrive in your relationships.


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Relationship Counseling

Relationship therapy may help you let love and understanding become central to your relationship again.

Relationship Counseling

Group Counseling

Group counseling can help by providing space to investigate relationship challenges in a circle of friends.

Group Counseling


Hello, I'm Dr. Alex Smith.

I'm not actually a therapist the picture above is just a stock photo of a model. This website is a demo website for Empathysites, a website design service for therapists. However, if I was a therapist, I'd put something like the following here:

I help people have happy and meaningful relationships through supportive and empathetic therapy. I see a wide range of relationships, from those with individuals that are suffering with depression or anxiety to those relationships that are working through infidelity, grief, crisis or relationships wanting to improve.

I welcome diversity including LGBT+, polyamorous, and heterosexual people.

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